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Weekly Friday walks

Friday, May 7

There were 17 of us at the start of the Favières stadium. We leave the stadium to reach La Folie farm, by agricultural service roads. We pass in front of the gates of the Château d'Armanvilliers to reach the center of Tournan. We cross the town along the Marsange, then the ru des Boissières, then arrived at a place called les Justices, we turn left to return to Favières and the cars. A hike of 11 km 500, in good weather and roads in good condition, despite the recent rains.

​Alain Aigouy

Friday April 30

There were 20 of us at the start of the Chemin des Roses car park in Chaumes en Brie, for a “real hike”, outside the 10 km. We follow the chemin des Roses for 200 m, and descend on the road to Argentière. We leave it at Croix Saint Sébastien, to take a path through the woods and reach Arcy. At the exit of the village, we take the direction of the farm of Arcy, then the farm of the Pond. We find a GRP which leads us, through the Montcouvent wood, and along the Yerres, at the entrance of Argentière. We cross the village “as tourists”, find the Yerres, and go up towards the castle of Beauvoir, then through fields, we join the path of the Roses, which brings us back to the cars. A beautiful walk, 12 km 500, in good weather and on roads in good condition.

Alain Aigouy

Friday April 23

There were 14 of us at the start of the Pavillon des Friches car park, for a short tour of the Notre Dame forest. We cross the N 104, and immediately after, we seek and find a casemate erected by the German army during the 39-45 war. After visiting this historic site, we leave the Royal Road, in favor of the Chemin des Friches. We reach the Ozoir golf course which we skirt, we cross the GR 14, and continue straight through Lésigny. Arrived at the castle, we reach the Orée de Lésigny, and return to the forest, to join the castle of Marmousets. Following a navigation error, we cannot find the castle, and after wandering for a while, everyone having an idea to find the way, we shorten the route, and still arrive at our cars. A hike of 11 km instead of the 12 planned, in very good weather, a little hot all the same, and on dry roads.

Alain Aigouy

Friday April 16

There were 13 of us departing from the Vaires sur Marne car park, for a walk around the Olympic basin of Vaires sur Marne. To change a bit from the usual route, along the canal, we start on the right bank, downstream, and follow the Marne for about 3 km. The initial plan provided for the crossing of the Marne by the footbridge, at the end of the piece of water. Unfortunately, the catwalk was dismantled, and we didn't have time to put it back together. So we follow the course of the Marne downstream, to the Champs footbridge, where we cross the river. We go up the Marne by the GR de l'Ile de France, to the Nestlé chocolate factory, and follow the trails to the bridge of Vaires which we cross, to arrive at the car park. An 11 km walk, in cool weather, given the north wind and dreamy paths. During this time, the “southern section” of the group went for a walk in the forest of Notre Dame, to respect the famous (or smoky) 10 km from the house. There were 5 of them, led by Claude Burel, walking the paths of the forest, and obviously, it went well.

Alain Aigouy