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Weekly Friday walks

Friday April 9

We were 13 to the dozen leaving from the Orée de Lésigny car park, the message for the reservation of the thirteenth not having reached me. That didn't stop us from walking. We first cross the village of Lésigny, to follow the Réveillon and its ponds, and come out at the level of the Grande Romaine. There, the trouble begins, because instead of “stupidly” following the road, we decide (well, myself), to cut through a small wood. It was at the exit that we didn't know where we were, and had to "wander" for a while to find ourselves. This done, we attack the forest, pass over the 104, and begin to follow the “educational path”. Given the current health situation, the "pedagogy" had to be on video, because the trails being poorly marked, we found ourselves on the Royal Road, to get back on the right track. We recover our circuit, and referral error, we miss a path, and have to "wander" for a while to find our way. This allows us to "recover" a lady who was even more lost than us. We finally find our circuit, and finally arrive at the cars, after "thirteen" kilometers, by roads in good condition, and a weather worthy of a Friday. The lady we had picked up being a little lost, Françoise devoted herself to driving her back to her car. Thanks to her. A somewhat adventurous hike, but in good weather and on roads in good condition.

Alain Aigouy

Friday April 2

The hike took place around the village of Férolles-Attilly, near Lésigny, with 13 participants. We leave the car park, opposite the Château de La Barre, and go up the rue de La Montagne, to pass above the church, then we go down, to the right, along the park of the château. After crossing New Year's Eve, we find a path, on the left, which allows us to take a short walk in the woods, before going up to the D 51E1, which we cross. We then take an agricultural service road, in the direction of the Beaurose farm, and continue to the Mare aux Poulet. We turn right, to the Chevry-Cossigny stadium, and continue to the hamlet of Attilly. We re-cross the D51E1, and an agricultural path takes us near the hospital of Forcilles, we then go down to Férolles to find the parking lot. A walk of 11 to 12 km (a navigation error made us go 500 m more), on paths in good condition, and beautiful weather, a little cool thanks to the north wind.

Alain Aigouy

Friday March 26

For the first time in months, we took the cars out of Roissy, and reached Pontcarré. There were 10 of us departing from the crossroads of Princes, in Pontcarré, for a walk around the park of the Château de Ferrières. We first reach the Allée des Séquoias in Ferrières, along the D 471, we go down to the Taffarette pond, and cross the landscaped area, to go up towards the church. We reach the castle, and enter the park which we cross by the Rucherie road, we cross the D 21, and arrive at the road to the Black Barrier, which we take, on the right for 1 km, to find the road des Princes, which brings us back to cars.

There, a pot of friendship was waiting for us, on an initiative of Fernand, applying the precautions specific to the complicated period we are going through.

A hike of about 12 km, in good weather and on roads in good condition.

Alain Aigouy

Friday March 12

We were 6???? from the Bessuard stadium, for a short walk in the woods. We go up the Morbras to the Mare aux Grenouilles, and we take the footbridge to join the bridle path of the tour of the Park. We follow it for 500 m, then we recover the parallel path, much more pleasant. Before the Pas du Cheval, we turn right to join the Roissy road which we follow to the Ferrandière crossroads. There, we take the alley of the plane trees, then we go around Pontcarré to the crossroads of the Princes. We follow the Allée des Princes for 800 m, then reach the Maisons Brulées. Then it's the road to Roissy, the GR 14, then along the Morbras and the car park. A hike of about 12 km, on paths judiciously chosen for their good condition, and a weather far from the cataclysms predicted by Météo France. Of course, we are in March, and who says March says sleet. We had two small ones, and since I hadn't planned on rain gear, it allowed me to share Jocelyne's umbrella in all honor, for a few (too short) moments of pure happiness.

Alain Aigouy

Friday, March 5

We were 15 at the start of the Bessuard stadium. We head first towards the Hihan farm, and we find the GR 14 a little further. We follow it for 1 km 500, then to the left, we find a path that leads us to a first pond. We follow the shore of this pond, and find, a little further on, a path that leads to the pond of Beaubourg. We then pass behind the pavilions of the Lions of Beaubourg, to leave the forest, then we gain the alley Richou, the door to the hares, and finally the parking lot.

A somewhat short hike according to some, (about 10 km), with good weather and very passable paths, despite yesterday's light rain.

Alain Aigouy